Everything under one roof

We offer great flexibility in dealing with your needs and requirements. We value the principle of one stop shopping, to perform as many activities as possible at one location. Through this principle we keep the downtime of your locomotives and wagons to a minimum.

Cooperation with Spoorijzer

In cooperation with our sister-cooperation Spoorijzer we can perform any revision and repair activity at Rail Park Roosendaal.

Rail Park Roosendaal offers the following forms of services:

  • Rent of (pit) tracks for maintenance, inspections or temporary stalling.

  • Cleaning the in- and outside of locomotives and wagons

  • (Complete or partially) blasting and spraying of wagons and locomotives

  • Apply new logo´s and lettering

  • Apply anti graffiti and anti dirt coating

  • Apply GPS systems

  • Instalment of new (oak, plastic or metal) floors

  • Applying new tarps or complete hoods including logo´s

  • Shunting